While families can apply directly through schools, most choose to pursue with Education Consulate’s admissions service. In contrast, EC’s admissions process offers a wide range of useful tools and information that encompass the requirements newly arriving families/students seek.

Families applying through EC receive the following benefits:

A customized service that aims toward meeting your pre-communicated criteria. Moving to a new city is not an easy task, let alone finding the right school for your child while being thousands of miles away. For this reason, EC’s dedication to you and your child, filters components such as: special needs, location, family budget, breakdown of various programs, explanation of the Quebec education system, and long term academic objectives.

One on one consultations. The first and most important step in your decision, is to first become fully informed on the Quebec education system, the restrictions and/or eligibility’s your child will have, as well as understanding the intricate details of all your options and how it will impact your child from the on set, as well as the future.

This is so due to the fact that Quebec is the only province in Canada that has particular by laws when applying to schools. These by laws can be navigated in such a manner that yields the best outcome for your child, given that the education system in Quebec is cumulative starting as early as grade 1. We ensure that each family obtains the proper knowledge needed in order to save valuable time and money, while guaranteeing the best results.

Interviews and Entrance Exams. A fundamental step in determining the acceptance of a student in a private school is closely related to the interview and entrance exam phase. It is at this stage where first impressions are made. Upon assessing the results of the interview and entrance exam, we carefully go over all school options you’re child may be entitled to, and help guide you to choose which overall school would be the best fit both for you and your child. The advantage this offers to families is that it saves them the redundancy of the process (applying to numerous schools, going through several interviews, writing all entrance

exams, as well as submitting many applications and various fees). Families applying through EC go through this step one time while obtaining all results to each potential school option.

Processing time. Families immigrating from abroad as either international students and/or Permanent Residency holders always require results that are time sensitive. We recognize that the admissions phase is only the first part in your journey to Montreal, Quebec. With this mindset, we complete the admissions process in a maximum of 3 weeks time, with acceptance letter and registration. Furthermore, we are not subject to any deadlines, as we conduct admissions all year round and can apply 2 years in advance. Due to the high volume of students immigrating to Quebec, the wait times when applying through the schools can be upwards of 2 months depending on when you apply, the spacing availability in the school, and if you have been placed on a waiting list. In addition, we have spaces in schools that are reserved for students applying via EC.

This is especially so for some of the schools that tend to fill up quickly once the schools open their admissions in October. This means that although space might be full with them, we may still have room available.

Conditional Acceptance. Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan when applying to your first school of choice. For this reason, if we believe that there is something more that can be done before and/or after we inform you of the schools decision of acceptance, we will exercise it for you. For example, if you’ve decided to apply to a school that has more of a challenging academic program that may be currently beyond your child’s abilities, we will discuss with the school if a “conditional acceptance” can be applied. The same thing would be applied to a student who receives a rejection letter to a school. Instead of that decision being final, we will discuss the alternatives and try to set something else in place allowing your child the opportunity to improve. Please do note that we can only offer this service for families who apply through us from the on set.


We cannot in any way accommodate families once they’ve begun the process on their own and seek our help to gain acceptance into a school once a decision has passed.

School Tours/exploratory visit. From our experience, choosing the right school for children requires and encourages all parents to be hands on. In part, for parents who would like to make the trip to Quebec, and visit various schools first hand, we can arrange a few days of touring to thoroughly go over all aspects important to you and your child. The ideal time for this is also in October when schools have their annual open house event, however we do provide this year round as well. Therefore, whenever it is convenient for you, simply let us know 1 week prior to your arrival, as we will make the necessary arrangements.

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