This course is designed for students new to Quebec who wish to get a head start on their English, French and Mathematics skills. This course is offered to students at the primary and secondary levels.


This intensive 2 week course enables students to adequately prepare and practice their skills in the following subjects:

  • English (ESL)
  • French (FSL)
  • Mathematics


Providing students with a strong start to the academic school year can make all the difference with their mindset, as well as academic achievements. In part, this preparatory course allows students to practice competencies in the following areas:

  • Verbal Communication: Students enrolled in this program are all first time Quebec students coming from everywhere around the world. To engage students socially, everyone is motivated to speak regularly, share their stories, and build new relationships through various tasks and activities.
  • Comprehension: This area of both the English and French language is the key to success. It is through reading texts, stories, and mapping of information, which provides the tools necessary for better overall academic performance. Students will be required to read short stories, answer questions, engage in vocabulary building exercises, and learn essential methods to how they can improve their own abilities to learn at a steady pace and retain all information.
  • Writing: Students will learn how to write texts and stories all in accordance to what will be expected of them at the their respected grade levels. This includes paragraph building, sentence structure, flow of ideas, and proper usage of grammar.


In Math, the 2 most common areas of difficulty students are faced with are, terminology and situational problem solving. Solving equations is quite straightforward, however, the majority of students new to Quebec, or even North America, have little or no background with the correct terminology, definitions, and overall ‘’math language’’ used in the classroom. This lack of understanding can cause much frustration and de-motivation toward such a crucial subject. In alleviating this hurdle, a segment of this summer course is dedicated toward teaching students the correct vocabulary required as well as when and how to apply them. This directly overlaps with situational problem solving, as the same terms and vocabulary are utilized. In part, students learn to piece words and terminology together, which in turn, guides them toward more autonomy and confidence in their exams and class work.


Our staff are trained and certified professionals with:

  • Quebec, U.S., and International Certified teaching degrees.
  • In the process of obtaining a teaching degree with years of experience in a classroom setting, as well as one on one based sessions.
  • Bilingual in English and French. Most are trilingual.


This intensive course is for 2 weeks, between Monday and Friday, and is offered 2 weeks prior to when school officially begins. Class commences at 9am and concludes at 1pm. Starting dates and venues vary year to year. For precise up to date information, contact us at: info@educationconsulate.com


EC’s curriculum and materials are provided to our students on the first day of class. This includes worksheets, instruction manuals, scanned photocopies of literatures and novels. Our programs and curriculum are composed to match what students will learn in their first year of enrolment, specific to their grade of entry, and current levels of English. Students are required to bring their school bags, containing a filled pencil case, and a lined 100 page note pad.



Students immigrating from abroad whose mother tongue is not English and have little and/or no background in French, are encouraged by schools to enroll their child in such a program to oversee their skill set progress by the time their academic school year begins. By doing so, children integrate better amongst local students, participate with greater ease, and socially excel with confidence. Depending on your child’s academic circumstance and grade level, schools do reserve the option of accepting students based on pre-condition. Often, the pre- condition entails being enrolled in a type of course that will improve both their English and French abilities.

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