Children are the most precious gifts dear to all parents. With this in mind, it is our priority for each child enrolled in our homestay program to be provided with the 3 main ingredients for success:



A well rounded host family with years of experience working with children. EC’s team of dedicated parents understand and cater to the utmost care and comfort each child requires. For this reason, every host family keeps in frequent contact with school teachers and parents alike. Having key individuals integrated and part of your child’s life further helps toward overall success.


Safety and security are at the forefront of every parents wishes for their children. In providing this atmosphere, each host family carefully goes over the rules and safety measures to be upheld at school and at home.


EC’s homestay program is a Canadian experience like no other. Although children’s main focus is always based around their academics, taking part in another family’s life is the very thing that educates youth to become aware of broader cultural dynamics, mentality, and togetherness.


Providing your child the opportunity to study abroad can be a difficult decision, as well as a costly investment. Although the future may be unknown, our dedication and work ethic to see every child succeed, better guides them to a more promising one.



  • Airport pickup and drop off
  • 3 meals a day, including unlimited early/late snacks.
  • Private bedroom.
  • Access to wifi.
  • Home accessories (towels, bed sheets, soap, shampoo etc)
  • Transportation to and back from school.
  • Progress report every 3 months by host family.
  • Accessibility to in home tutoring program.


By law, children under 18 years of age coming to study in Canada alone, are considered minors, and therefore require the following:

  • Legal Guardianship (mandatory)
  • Medical Insurance (mandatory)

For more details, inquiries, or requests, you can contact us at.

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