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Education Consulate is a Canadian based company specializing in a wide range of educational needs. Our establishment was founded under the means of assisting families in their quest to do the best for their children’s education.

Our primary functions are international school placement, admissions, preparatory ESL and FSL programs, homestay, summer courses, and immigration. We help families’ transition from all around the world into the Montreal, Quebec education system. Through our 5-step program, we immerse new comers into the best schools Montreal, Quebec has to offer. Our reputation and credibility stems from hard work, compassion, and our insatiable desire to aid students embark on a successful path. Our endorsements with the top academies in Montreal, Quebec, coupled with our expertise of the Quebec legal system concerning new comers, gives us the platform to best serve our clients needs.

Our philosophy firmly entails that it is predominantly through a solid education that instills an individual to reach their maximum potential. With this in mind, our mission is to ensure that families around the world have the opportunity to not only secure their child’s education, but more importantly, build a solid foundation for their future, inside and outside of the classroom.

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