Public Schools General Information (English and French)

English Public System

There are approximately over 50 English Public schools in Montreal, Quebec. Each school is affiliated with one of three School Boards:

  • English Montreal School Board
  • Sir Wilfred Laurier School Board
  • Lester B Pearson School Board

Each school board covers a certain geographical region in Montreal, Quebec.

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residency holders

Canadian citizens matching the varied requirements, as well as Canadian permanent residency holders, are entitled to enrol their children into the English Public System, free of charge, as it is government funded. International students alike are eligible to apply into the English Public schools, however, it does come with a fee.

International Students and Would Be Permanent Residents

Fees for international students vary from $15,000 to $18,000 CAD per year. In addition, these students are required to attend a special class titled, Classe D’aceuil, in their first year of studies. The Classe D’aceuil is designed to introduce students to either or both the English and French languages. Students who are from abroad who’s mother tongue is not English or French are obliged to have their child enrol in this class for the duration of 1 year, minimum.

Admissions and Public School Policies

All English Public schools do not have any standards of acceptance, require no entrance exams, or conduct any interviews prior to accepting students. Although international students are eligible to attend an English Public school, they do not have the right to choose their school, rather, they are permitted to suggest their top 4 schools of interest, and must wait until the school boards decide which school they will place the student in.

French Public System

In Montreal, there are over 150 Public French schools in total. These schools span across all cities including off island regions such as Laval, Vaudreuil, Nunn’s Island, and Brossard. Although the process of applying into the public French schools are similar to the English Public system, the academic requirements and eligibility’s vary and are not the same. This is dependent on each students visa status and grade level they will enrol in.

Processing Time

The admissions process can take anywhere from 1-6 months to complete, all depending on when you apply and spacing availability in the schools.
Please note: All international students, as well as “would be” permanent residency holders, are subject to obtaining a valid CAQ and Study Permit in order to be allowed to study in Quebec. Depending on the country you are applying from, processing times vary anywhere between 3-6 months to acquire both CAQ and study permit. (For more information on student and visitor visa’s, check out our immigration section).
If you require more detailed information specific to your families and/or children’s circumstance, kindly indicate them on our form below and we will respond within a 48 hour time period.

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