EC’S unique ESL online program is offered to students starting at the primary and secondary levels who will be immigrating to Canada in a 6 month to 2 year time frame.


In ESL education, a language objective is a linguistic skill or ability that students are expected to achieve through strategic instruction in order to support learning of core content. The objective should be clear, pedagogically sound, measurable, challenging, and yet achievable. To best ascertain the level of each students abilities, our teachers carefully assess and evaluate the pupils before preparing a customized program, which sets to enhance their competencies in the following areas:


Through customized curriculum and activities, students will interact, listen, decipher and engage in all aspects of the English language, further enabling each student to gain the practice and confidence needed to assure success in a personal and classroom setting.


While verbal interaction and writing abilities are of the upmost importance, it is actually each student’s comprehension abilities that allow for progress in all other competencies. Students will practice vocabulary building through various short stories, stencils, interactive games, as well as literary components, all designed to motivate and facilitate the overall depth of the English Language.



Writing is perhaps the most difficult competency students struggle with when learning the English language. To develop this skill set efficiently, students are first taught the strategies of how to organize their thoughts, take notes, go over sentence structure, learn paragraph building, as well as use more enriched vocabulary as opposed to basic wording. Students are gradually assigned writing exercises that progressively enable them to meet classroom objectives in a Canadian based school.


EC’s curriculum and materials are provided to our students and sent prior to each session. This includes worksheets, instruction manuals, scanned photocopies of literatures and novels. Our programs and curriculum are composed to match what students will learn in their first year of enrolment, specific to their grade of entry, and current levels of English. Students are required to have the latest version of a Skype application on a PC, Desktop, or Laptop computer.


Our staff are trained and certified professionals with:

  • Quebec, U.S., and International Certified teaching degrees.
  • In the process of obtaining a teaching degree with years of experience in a classroom setting, as well as one on one based sessions.
  • Bilingual in English and French. Most are trilingual.


At Education Consulate we understand that timing is everything. To help accommodate your transition to be as smooth and worry free as possible, our staff coordinate their schedules around your child’s availabilities and preferences. We service families in all time zones and provide sessions seven days a week, no matter how far you may be.


Students immigrating from abroad whose mother tongue is not English and have little and/or no background in French, are encouraged by schools to enroll their child in such a program to oversee their skill set progress by the time their academic school year begins. By doing so, children integrate better amongst local students, participate with greater ease, and socially excel with confidence. Depending on your child’s academic circumstance and grade level, schools do reserve the option of accepting students based on pre-condition. Often, the pre- condition entails being enrolled in a type of course that will improve both their English and French abilities.

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