For over 20 years Montreal, Quebec has served as the ideal hub for students to come and benefit from a first tier western education system, as well as to experience a vast multicultural lifestyle.

For international students interested in studying in Montreal, Quebec, the following steps must be taken in order to ensure for a smooth transition:


STEP 1 – CONSULTATION Prior to any decision incurring much financial output, students/families begin our process with a customized consultation that goes over specific pre-communicated criteria, as well as a thorough understanding of the Quebec education system, and all entailed. Being informed from the on set allows for a more strategic approach, further maximizing success and avoiding any unpleasant surprises. Questions such as:

  • How does education in Montreal compare to the rest of Canada?
  • What are the particular by-laws that must be followed in Quebec in regards to international students and/or families who have applied as would be permanent residents?
  • What are the varied expenses per year for tuition?
  • What is the cost of living in Montreal?
  • What should my childs/children’s academic objectives be in their first year of studies in Quebec and how can it be accomplished?
  • What are other factors to consider regarding international students and newly arriving families?
  • Where can I obtain reliable information?

At Education Consulate we pride ourselves with our personable unique consultation service covering the aforementioned inquiries as well as elaborating on much more.


Due to Montreal being a top academic destination for students and families worldwide, it has created significant demand in all of the top schools across, Quebec. To ensure quality in the education system is sustained at a high competitive standard, the majority of reputable schools

have a formal entrance exam and interview process that each family is subject to. As Education Consulate is endorsed by both the public and private system, we facilitate these exams and interviews, and also properly help prepare students toward achieving the best results possible.



Upon collection and submission of the required documents, families are notified of the results in a few weeks time.


Students accepted in their school of choice complete and secure spacing through final registration. We issue a formal letter of acceptance detailing the necessary information that will be used at a later part in the process. At this stage there is an initial deposit fee toward securing your child’s space in the classroom. This fee applies to both the public and private school system.


ONLY AFTER acceptance letters have been issued, do we commence with obtaining student visa’s as well as visitor visa’s.


In Quebec, students who have not applied for permanent residency and would like to attend a Quebec based school, categorize as an “International Student.”

Families/students who have applied and are in process of obtaining their permanent residency will also legally be considered as “International Students” up until the point where they have officially been issued their permanent residency by both the federal and provincial government.

In consideration, students/families who classify in the above 2 categories must obtain the following visa’s:

  • CAQ (certificate of acceptance in Quebec)
  • Study Permit

Now that I understand, lets get started!


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