As a new family to Montreal, can my child attend an English school despite the strict language laws in Montreal, Quebec?

There are specific laws in Quebec that revolve around “Education.” Not knowing these laws or the options that are available in seeking education here in Quebec may pose unnecessary hardship. There are certain legal ways however that your child can be granted the right to attend an English school. Once the system is well explained, it is workable. Education Consulate has the answers and methods to ensure your child attends an English school upon arrival from your country.

Are you an Agent or Agency?

No, we are not. Unlike agencies that contract out to other agencies or agents – whose main focus may be real estate or things un-related to education – our focus and professional expertise are, Montreal Schools and the Education system. We serve our clients by communicating the proper and necessary information, and then placing them in schools that we are affiliated with and/or schools that families prefer.

How can you help me? I want my child to study in a private school. We are an International family

Quebec has become home for many international families, especially since the government has proposed the “Quebec Selection Process” and the “Skilled Workers Process”, allowing more families to immigrate to Canada. Families coming to Quebec want their most important asset secured…their child/children. It is our direct working with schools that gives you the advantage of greater success. We know what is needed for each school and we work it quickly. Schools rely on our professionalism and they know our clients are well informed as well as well prepared for the transition. We do not just process the best of paperwork, admission, registration; we also make sure that we accommodate all your needs prior to moving to Montreal.

How long does your process take?

Upon receiving all required documents on the clients behalf, it usually takes anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks for everything to be finalized. Every step of the process is thoroughly communicated to our clients, ensuring them the knowledge of the current status of their file.

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